What exactly is Business-Coaching?

Business coaching is a personal and process-oriented form of counseling, in which mainly professional topics are dealt with.

For example, business coaching helps in career planning with questions such as:

  • Which jobs are right for me?
  • How do I plan my career or my next step?
  • Should I change my career now or should I wait?
  • Other subject areas would be interview preparation, or the
  • concrete planning of entering a new company or starting a new job.

Business coaching also plays a major role in leadership development, for example:

  • Preparation when direct management responsibility is assumed for the first time
  • 90-day plan for starting a management role

Personal development also plays a major role in executive coaching.

Coaching also supports change management projects or as preparation for challenging discussions or presentations.

For individuals even without managerial responsibility, business coaching is often about:

  • Increase of own performance, for example through improved time management, better planning or conflict resolution
  • Strategic goal setting for projects
  • Changes in the workplace
  • Coping with tensions and crises

In contrast to consulting, where mostly technical advice or the transfer of specific knowledge are in the foreground, in business coaching a coachee works out his or her individual solutions under the guidance of a coach. Questioning techniques, visualizations or other exercises are used.

Business coaching can also fulfill many other tasks, e.g .:

  • As part of a mentoring concept
    As life coaching
    Sparing partner or sounding board

However, there is a clear distinction between psychotherapy and social counseling.

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