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Decision support

Decision making can be an exciting challenge. Business coaching helps developing clarity and shows options. Often assumptions or a supposedly given situation block your own thinking. Business coaching can make new solutions visible.

Starting as a Team Lead

The first step into direct management responsibility is connected with many questions: How do I meet former colleagues? How do I deliver critical feedback or difficult messages? How do I make decisions? Business coaching supports a new manager in this crucial phase!

Building high performance teams

In addition to the logical, factual collaboration, social factors have a decisive impact on the performance of a team. Especially in knowledge-oriented professions and industries, these interpersonal relationships can make the difference between success and failure. Uncovering patterns, networks and dependencies is a core area of systemic business coaching.

Personal Development

Increased performance and personal development in the current work environment are frequent coaching topics. Likewise, how to deal with conflicts in the workplace or changes in the work environment. Often customers want to prepare for interviews or other crucial conversations. Understanding how your own personality shapes the “work system” can also be a topic of business coaching.

Executive Leadership Coaching

If past experiences are no longer applicable to new challenges and your own personality becomes a decisive leadership factor, business coaching supports you in questions about people development, communication, organizational culture, strategy and change management

Strategy Workshops and Leadership forums

Making the full diversity of the thinking of a team or a group usable is just as essential in the context of strategy conferences as processing, prioritizing and converting into concrete plans and work steps. Business coaching helps to keep the process going and thus enables the concrete achievement of goals and thus conference efficiency.

Where business coaching can take place

In person coaching

The in person meeting offers the full range of communication bandwith and should be primary choice especially at the beginning of the coaching process. The prerequisite for successful cooperation is an undisturbed and trusting environment, usually an office or meeting room. If you wish, I will be happy to come to you, working in nature can also be a conscious step. My office in the 23rd district of Vienna is also available as a neutral location.

Online- or virtual coaching

Coaching can also be done web-based. Ideally, a basis of trust has already been established personally. If we are not working in the same place, a webcam can transmit part of the communication information and is therefore an important part of the session. A reliable internet connection and again a secluded environment are decisive success factors. Open offices or any other form of shared space are unsuitable for online coaching.

Typical coaching questions
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How do I make my leap to the management level?

“In the long term, I want to become a manager and adapt my career path accordingly” – My first step is a planned meeting with my supervisor. I want to prepare myself optimally for this … but then I don’t know how it could go on? Which positions can I take on? What role does networks play? I don’t have an overview of how I can best do it! “


How do I prepare professionally for an interview or a hearing?

“So far it has never been necessary to go through a competitive interview or an application process. I have heard about hearings again and again, but never participated in one. Now, I would like to prepare for such an application for myself and am looking for competent support!”


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